Nasib crossing with Jordan to reopen on Oct 10 : Syria

Nasib crossing with Jordan to reopen on Oct 10 : Syria

Agency News

Damascus, Sep 30: The Syrian Ministry of Transportation on Saturday declared that the logistic preparations have been made for the re-opening of the Nasib Border Crossing with Jordan slated for October 10.

A ministry statement said the border crossing will begin to receive the movement of trucks and transit to and from Syria next month, Chinese news agency Xinhua stated, quoting state news agency SANA. The border crossing was closed in 2015 when the rebels took over the Nasib area and the crossing in the countryside of Daraa Province in southern Syria.

The Syrian army captured Daraa and the border crossing in July after the rebels in the province surrendered to the army and agreed to evacuate to rebel-held areas in northern Syria, mainly the northwestern province of Idlib.

Last week, the Transportation Ministry declared raising the transit crossing fees that should be paid by trucks passing in and out of Syria whether they are loaded or empty. (UNI)