I believe in Brexit : Theresa May

I believe in Brexit : Theresa May

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London, Sep 30: A British politician serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2016 Theresa May has rejected claims that she does not believe in Brexit and insisted she would make a success of it "regardless of the outcome" of talks.

She has signaled that she may be willing to compromise further with the EU on her under-fire Chequers proposals for Brexit, risking anger from Tory eurosceptics, a British online newspaper, Independent stated.

The Prime Minister used an interview at the opening of Conservative conference to urge Brussels to set out detailed concerns and bring forward counter proposals, referring to her own plans as the only ones available “at the moment”.

The move risks further antagonising those in her party, who want her Chequers plans dropped altogether, with both Boris Johnson and David Davis branding them unworkable on Sunday.

She did receive some support however, including from Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who called for the party to back her and launched a scathing attack on Mr Johnson.

It comes at the start of the Tories’ annual event in Birmingham where attempts to refocus the party on the domestic agenda look set to be overshadowed by Brexit squabbling.

Once the conference is finished there will be just two weeks until the next European Council summit at which Ms May had hoped to have a Brexit deal wrapped up, The Independent added.

But with leaders having said her proposals 'will not work' as they stand, she sought to send them a message, saying "They’ve said they have some concerns with the proposals we’ve put together, let’s hear what those detailed concerns are." (UNI)