Prez Ghani: No change in Pak policy towards Afghanistan;ISIS militancy erupting from Pak

Prez Ghani: No change in Pak policy towards Afghanistan;ISIS militancy erupting from Pak

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 19: There is "no change" in Pakistan's policy towards Afghanistan even under the new dispensation led by Prime Minister Imran Khan in that country , the Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani told Indian delegation here on Wednesday.

According to sources, Afghan President told Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others during delegation level talks, that, "Though it is a fact that Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Shah Mahmaood Qureshi visited Afghan recently, they (Afghan government) did not see any change in their approach towards Afghanistan".

However during the discussions, issues related to Taliban activities and also the "increased number of ISIS terrorists" in that country figured prominently at the discussions.

There was also reference to the Ghazni attack.

On August 24, clashes broke out between Taliban militants and government forces in Afghanistan forcing civilians to flee from their homes near the city of Ghazni.

According to Afghan President yet again it was chiefly the handiwork of Pakistanis. "Well, this is what he said and we will go by that," a source said.

"There is increase in the number of ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan.....On this India shares the views of Afghanistan although some countries like the US may have some other view," the source said.

Sources in the ruling dispensation maintain that Russia and Iran probably "differ" in their perception

and believe that these are ISIS cadres and fighters who have come Syria and Iraq and other countries.

"Afghanistan is of the opinion and we independently share the view that over 70 per cent of new ISIS fighters operating in Afghanistan are actually Pak generated," the source added. (UNI)