Japan says North Korea a serious threat

Japan says North Korea a serious threat


A yearly defense policy paper published by Japan says North Korea remains a serious threat to Japan's national security, reported Voice of America.

In order to raise vigilance, the Japanese government has announced plans to buy two American-made air defense radar tracking stations. Japan officials suggest that the US-made radar tracking stations, named as Aegis Ashore would help strengthen the country's defenses against a missile attack.

According to the Japanese military notes, the North Korea has carried out three nuclear tests and test-fired more than 40 ballistic missiles since 2016. During the ballistic missile tests, some of those missiles passed over Japanese air space. Though North Korea promised to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese military do not prefer to change the basic recognition concerning the threat of North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles.

The Japanese military papers also expressed concerns about China's military expansion, including Chinese territorial claims in the East China Sea. To emphasise Japan's concern about China, Voice of America also quotes Yoichiro Sato, a professor of International strategic studies at Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University in Japan. "China's Belt and Road development plan provides money for building roads, rail transportation and other projects. The goal is to help connect Asia with Europe and even Africa. But some projects can also be used by China's growing navy," says Yoichiro Sato. China's navy's exponential growth is also a major concern of Japan.