Thailand Celebrates

Thailand Celebrates

With the safe return of all 12 boys and the coach of the football team stuck in the Chiang Rai cave, the whole country went into celebratory mode. The first pictures of the young boys, safe and smiling in hospital have emerged. It has been reported that they have lost about 2 kilograms of weight but otherwise were well and happy. As they are under special care it can be assumed that they will soon regain their lost weight and return home to their families soon. Parents are also at the hospital and they can see their children through a glass window as they have been kept in quarantine.

It is a matter of pride that expertise from India in technical support also arrived at the site in Thailand and helped greatly in pumping out water from the flooded cave. Kirloskar Brothers’ Limited [KBL] provided the expertise in ‘dewatering’ we understand. Their experts were sent from the offices in Pune, London and Thailand. It was this kind of outpouring of global attention and assistance that aided the Thai authorities to carry out this perilous rescue mission successfully.

News has come in that an Australian doctor Richard Harris who was one of those who helped in the rescue and was the last to emerge from the flooded cave, got the sad news that his father back home had passed away. ‘Harry’ as he is popularly called is a well known medic and diver and his presence in this rescue had been specially requested. As the rescue team celebrates its success, Harry has this tragedy to cope with.