Thailand: Rescue a Success

Thailand: Rescue a Success


The rescue operations at the Chiang Rai cave ended successfully with the 12 boys and coach being brought out safely on Tuesday evening. There was a sense of relief and achievement when the last of the 13 trapped in the cave finally came out.

All praise to the rescuers for their grit and determination in this mission. Everything went as per plan and over the past 3 days, the world has watched and waited with bated breath for this mission to come to a closure successfully. The divers have overcome all odds and completed their mission on a joyous note. This is a story of hope and determination, of cooperation and concern.

Reports say that the coach has been largely responsible for keeping his young team together and not losing faith in the face of such trying conditions. When the boys were discovered in the cave they were perched on a rock, high above the water in the cave with their eyes closed and in meditation that was lead by the coach. Psychologists feel that this meditation must have been largely responsible for keeping them in good mental health and cheerful disposition.

All the rescued are in hospital and are getting full medical attention. The Thai authorities must be complimented for carrying out this tricky rescue operation under such difficult conditions.

The world heaves a sigh of relief as these youngsters will soon be reunited with their families after a gap of 16 days, days of fear, danger, anxiety and pain.