Thai cave rescue: Eight rescued so far

Thai cave rescue: Eight rescued so far

On Monday four more boys were rescued from the Thailand cave inside which they had been trapped since June 23. This takes the total of those rescued to eight. There are four more boys and their coach waiting inside. The rescue of eight of them has given much hope and cheer that the whole mission will go off smoothly and end on a happy note.

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The rescued boys have all been taken to hospital where they will be put in quarantine. This is in case they have contracted any disease during their long period of confinement in the flooded cave. The boys are reported to be well and cheerful. In fact the youngsters are said to have asked for basil fried rice, a popular dish with the Thais. Parents of the children were not permitted direct contact but were able to see their wards through a transparent screen in between.

It may be recalled that the12 boys and their 25 year old soccer coach went exploring in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai province on June 23.They got trapped inside when the monsoon rain flooded the cave.

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The perilous mission of saving the boys has been watched by all with great interest and concern. It is an arduous task diving into flowing waters within the cave. It takes 11 hours to negotiate the 4 kilometre length of the cave. The cave itself is very narrow at some places which hinder free movement. Even for one person to move here is not an easy task. The cylinders and equipment cannot be carried all the way so they manage to push it to the person in front when needed and this too is time consuming. The rescuers are very careful about the safety of the boys and each boy being rescued is carried between two rescuers. They have succeeded in their plan so far. There is still a distance more to go before one can say that the mission has been successful. The brave rescuers who have been putting their best foot forward deserve every word of praise.