Daring Thai Cave Rescue Begins

Daring Thai Cave Rescue Begins


Four boys out of the 13 members of the football team trapped in the Thai cave have been evacuated. The youngsters were immediately taken by ambulance to hospital. News of the successful rescue has brought much happiness and relief to all. It is expected that the rescue of the others too will go off without a hitch. These youngsters have tremendous international support. The massive rescue operations are underway and are being keenly watched by the world.

The Thai navy said that ‘four boys have been rescued.’ Eyewitnesses have reported that they have seen 2 ambulances ‘leave the site.’ As of now there is no information about the exact medical condition of the rescued boys. There is also no information about who exactly has rescued them.

Thai authorities feel rescue operations may take a few days to get everyone out. News of the rescue has however, spread joy all around and now there is a lot of positivity regarding this rescue.