Saving the Thai kids through a pipeline

Saving the Thai kids through a pipeline


All eyes have turned to Thailand cave, Tham Luang Nang Non in Chiang Rai province that holds the 12 football team kids and their coach for nearly a fortnight. The Thai authorities with help from an architect have come with the idea of rescuing them with the help of a pipe. This pipe which can be rolled up and is small in diameter is to be pushed in through the mouth of the cave. Later it is to be inflated to enable the kids to move through it to safety.

This is an alternative plan that they have come up with as all else has failed. The material being used is said to be tough and durable and is believed to have been tested underwater. All efforts are soon to begin to reach the pipe across to where the children are lodged. This in itself is a challenging task as there are many twists and turns in the caves passage. It is anxiously being awaited if this attempt will be a success.

The fall in the oxygen levels in the cave from 30% to 11% has also caused great alarm and oxygen supplying measures have since been deployed. The lack of air inside has been highlighted by the death of the former Thai Navy officer, Samon Kunan [38] who went in as part of the rescue mission.

Though about 130m litres of water has been successfully removed from the cave, no one knows how much more there is to clear. The weather on Saturday was favorable for rescue ops as the rain Gods stayed away and did not add to the difficulties before them.

The kids have written letters home informing their family that they are well. While one kid asked his Mom to prepare roast chicken for him, another wanted his grand mom to make him a Smoothie; Yet another kid begged his teacher not to give too much homework! The kids have caught worldwide attention and everyone is praying for their safe return. Even FIFA has extended the team an open invitation to attend the Finals if they get out of the cave by then.