Kartik Nemmani is Spelling Bee champ
Kartik Nemmani is Spelling Bee champ

Kartik Nemmani is Spelling Bee champ


At the 91st Scripps National Spelling Bee contest held in the US, 14 year old Kartik Nemmani came out as champion.’ I had confidence that I could do it, but I honestly didn’t realistically think it could happen,’ said a very modest winner. He won the contest by spelling ‘koinonia’ which is a body of religious believers. Karthik is the 14th consecutive Indian-American champion, and 19 out of the past 23 have been winners with Indian origin. He won for himself more than $42000 in cash and prizes.

In the final round when only 3 spellers remained, all were from Dallas area which has been a hot bed of spelling talent. Karthik from Mckinsey, Texas; Naysa from Frisco and Abhijay Kodali from Flower Mound were the talented three who fought for the title.

12 year old Naysa an expert speller, just missed the crown as she misspelt the German origin word ‘Bewusstseinslage’ meaning a state of consciousness or a feeling devoid of sensory components. Young Naysa mixed up the single and double ‘s’ and Kartik was quick to drive home the advantage when he spelt ‘koinonia’ correctly.

‘She’s a really, really good speller. She deserved the trophy as much as I did,’ said a sporting Kartik about Naysa after the competition.

Kartik attributed his success to his father and his spelling coach. He said he would spend the money he won on college where he wants to study something related to technology.