Xi is China's President for life
Xi is China's President for life

Xi is China's President for life


China has approved the removal of term limits for its leader, in a move that effectively allows Xi Jinping to remain as president for life, the BBC News said on Sunday. The constitutional changes were passed by China's annual sitting of the National People's Congress on Sunday.

The vote was widely regarded as a rubber-stamping exercise. Two delegates voted against the change and three abstained, out of 2,964 votes. China had imposed a two-term limit on its president since the 1990s.

It was designed to prevent another leader like Chairman Mao Zedong emerging, espousing collective leadership rather than one-man rule and the cult of personality.
But, says the BBC, China's president has now amassed power the likes of which has not been seen here for decades and he is even less likely to be challenged after today's result.

Xi defied the tradition of presenting a potential successor during October's Communist Party Congress. Instead, he consolidated his political power as the party voted to enshrine his name and political ideology in the party's constitution - elevating his status to the level of its founder, Chairman Mao.

In late February, the party proposed removing term limits from China's constitution. Xi was due to step down in 2023.

On paper, the congress is the most powerful legislative body in China - similar to the parliament in other nations. But it was widely believed that it would approve what it was told to. The issue is not, however, without controversy.

Censors in China have been blocking discussion around the topic, including images of Winnie the Pooh. Social media users have taken to using the cartoon character to represent Xi.

One government critic wrote an open letter describing the proposal as a "farce", in a rare show of public dissent. (UNI)