No change in stand on UNSC reform: India
No change in stand on UNSC reform: India

No change in stand on UNSC reform: India


Reacting sharply to US suggestion that India should not insist on veto power while talking of UN reforms, Government sources on Wednesday made it clear that there was no change in India’s stand on expansion of the UN Security Council.

The sources that India had made it very clear long time back that it should have 'the same obligations, responsibilities and prerogatives as the existing permanent members of the Security Council.

' US Ambassador to United Nations Nikki Haley had on Tuesday said that her country was all for UN reforms to have more members in the UNSC, but the key for India to get there would be 'not to touch' the issue of veto.

The five permanent members of the UNSC—the US, the UK, France, Russia and China did not want to give up veto, she said at a discussion hosted by the advocacy group India-US Friendship Council in Washington.

As regards expansion of the Council without veto power, she said that US was already on board, but its were Russia and China that should be worked on as they did not want to see any changes in the UNSC.