Coronvirus: Preparations in Kerala
Coronvirus: Preparations in Kerala
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nCorona Virus in Kerala

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

China, one of biggest countries in the world has faced the greatest outbreak of nCorona virus. It has so far claimed 636 lives in mainland China. The corona virus is fast spreading to other countries.

India being a nation with a big population has many travelling from China- tourists, businessmen and students. Kerala has already recorded 5 corona virus cases which have put the state in emergency mode in handling of the crisis. More than a hundred people have been isolated in various hospitals. Two quarantined patients have escaped to Saudi Arabia. A total of 2400 people are under observation in the state. The identified people have to undergo almost a month long self quarantine at home in order to prevent the spread of the virus for which no cure has been found to date.

The corona virus is such that it could lead to a heavy death toll as there is no known treatment as yet. Only the symptoms are treated. Our religious leaders may consider it as an outcome sent by God; they will go all out in spreading their faith and many will believe it, and spread their words with much fervor.

China's economy will face a slowdown and this will have its repercussion in the world. China is unlike other countries and is keeping the media under control. People are yet to know the full details of the crisis it is facing. That has led to fake news, speculations and rumour -mongering. The grapevine will become the source of all things related to the outbreak. An example of this is the report that China is planning to end the lives of 20,000 corona virus infected patients according to For example, this one says the Chinese army has a hand in this disaster.

Needless to say Kerala has shown India what should be done. Full marks to Shailaja, Kerala Health minister. Confirmation of infection of five persons has put the hotel industry in trouble. They are feeling the pinch following this as footfall has dropped drastically.

The trouble with the Kerala government seems to be that no strict action has been taken against violators of the directions of the government. The government has to take stern action against violators. The rapid global spread of the disease will be a test for India and other countries.

There are reports that indicated that several weeks after the first corona virus was detected in December, the Chinese have prioritized secrecy over creating awareness in public. Other countries like Canada and Germany and the US face a better chance of isolating the virus through early action. Perhaps it is a reflection of China's policy on national crisis; they conceal much more than what people are supposed to know. This tells a lot of China. It is in sharp contrast with the policy that Kerala government has adopted.

India as a whole should adopt the policy of Kerala for the danger is too much. Thousands of Indians can fall victim to the corona virus if not dealt with properly. Indian hospitals are not as well equipped compared to hospitals in other countries like Britain or Canada or America. India must maintain a high state of vigil at airports and public health authorities should closely monitor all those returning from China, to say the least. In this context it is worth noting that Kerala had shown great will power and prompt action when the Nipah virus erupted in 2018.

However there is no need to create fear amongst the public. India as a whole has weathered many a storm. All those who were airlifted from China have been quarantined in an army facility in Manesar, Haryana. This is the best precaution that can be taken.

An important point to note is that private hospitals or registered medical practitioners who are the best point of contact between citizens and public healthcare especially in our rural areas must be called for urgent attention. In this context the doctors and nurses and even their assistants are worth attention. They must refrain from their conduct of collecting huge money and work for public good as doctors are taught to do.

Corona virus will continue to be a health issue if it results in more deaths in more countries. One prays that it will have only a short life and spare mankind.