A story of crime that reveals many things
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A story of crime that reveals many things

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

The latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2017 says that Kerala is number four in the list. It should be seen as Kerala becoming a state where crime is rising. And yet, some interpret it and say that Kerala is better compared to Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the 3 states where crime is on the rise!

Overall 30,62,579 cases were registered across India in 2017. It is up from 29, 75,711 in 2016 according to the annual data released this Monday.

Uttar Pradesh alone registered 3,10,084 of these. It had the highest share of 10.1% says the survey. It is the third year for UP which is showing an increase in crimes.

Kerala also has shown a rise in crime. It topped in offenses against public tranquility. It came second in the list of states that provided legal aid to maximum prisoners. Corruption cases in Kerala went down from 377 cases in 2015, to 142 in 2017, says a Times report.

In the Periya double murder case the Kerala High Court had ordered the case to be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The case relates to the murder of Rajat Lal and Kripal, activists of the Youth Congress. The High Court has ordered it to be transferred to the CBI in September 30, but so far, it has not been done. The case will be considered by the High Court next Monday. The petitioners, the parents of Rajat and Kripal, moved the court because they thought the delay in the case would help the accused. They even suspected that the delay was deliberate by the police and it was against the High Court order. The High Court had said or suspected they had a case, and they have ordered Loknath Behera, the Kerala police chief, to report. This has been a case where the Congress and the CPM are at loggerheads. The murder was big news when it happened and it created much criticism against the government. Next Monday we will see what will be the outcome in the case.

Kolkata is the safest city in India among the 19 cities, says the NCRB report. West Bengal too had improved its ranking--- jumping to the 11th spot from 19th last year. The crime rate in Kolkata fell to 141.2 from 159.6 in the year 2016, which is much better than the national average of 462.2. Calicut, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad figure in the list of safest cities.

As far as our capital Delhi is concerned, it could be said it is turning into a Chicago; serious crimes like rape and murder are almost double of the cases registered in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Compared to Mumbai or Kolkata, the crimes against women according to the survey are 1,158 rape cases which have been registered in Delhi. In Mumbai 287 cases were reported. In Coimbatore and Kolkata not a single case of rape was reported in the year 2017.

This speaks volumes about Delhi, the capital city of India. Shortly, it will come to be known as a city of crime of the worst kind. Together with the MPs who decide the fate of the country, it will become a haven for criminals. Let that not happen.

This shows the 'progress' of the country; in absolute terms after Independence. It's a shame on us Indians; it's a shame on our MPs. Delhi could have been called the best city if the country provided the MPs and MLAs were right thinking people and if the number of migrants was limited. The progress that India made since Independence was a cause of the Delhi scenario. We all need jobs which are in short supply. The migrants need a place to sleep. They don't bother about observing the rules of law; their experience in Delhi was such that they learned that might is right, dictated by the police and the mafia. So we have thousands of people dying for a job which will fetch two square meals a day. Their numbers are increasing.

The NCRB has added some categories like stalking and voyeurism where Delhi is almost at the top. Voyeurism is one crime where Mumbai with 39 cases slightly outnumbers Delhi. New types of crime where the modesty of a woman is outraged by using electronic gadgets are increasing. That is what progress in technology means to many Indians.

Madhya Pradesh tops in crimes against Scheduled Tribes related to rape. It had the second highest number of crimes against children. Fifteen rape cases a day have been reported. So we can imagine the number of unreported rapes that take place. In the atrocities committed against Scheduled Tribes, 15% of India's ST numbers are Madhya Pradesh residents.

Kerala tops in rioting cases mostly happening during protest marches. We can't think of a day when citizens don't protest against something, be it power cut or land acquisition or public needs. This has become a daily occurrence. We are used to it just like the speeches of our politicians and priests.

Rather shocking is the latest report that Kerala ranks fourth in acid cases. What ails our youth that they resort to such cruel acts in the face of rejection? What ails our education system that the youth seem to lack the mental ability and will to face situations? Lighting fire after dousing with petrol, jumping off a balcony or terrace and similar violent acts have become common, a hitherto unseen trend. This does not reflect well of society as a whole and of our family moorings in particular. Two recent crimes sent shock waves all over the country. The first was when a youth entered the house of his friend who had rejected him. Early morning he barged into her house, doused her with petrol and lit fire, all in the presence of her father who desperately tried to save her and was severely burnt. The youth also died.

In yet another shocker, Jolly Joseph has been arrested for the murder of her husband. Six killings within the family over a span of fifteen years using cyanide have been linked to her diabolical planning and execution! Violence and crime are on the rise all over, not just in Up or MP.

No more can we rest as we read a ghastly headline in the morning newspaper. It may be in our town or neighbourhood next. It’s spread all over. The evil head of crime has risen and urgent steps must be taken to curb this malaise. The administration must be given due powers and politicians of all hues must stay away if this rot is to be rooted out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(The facts and views expressed in the article are those of the writer. )