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P C Punnen
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Hypocrisy at its worst

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

The CPM, the Congress and the BJP are strangely on the same page. The three parties are the main contestants in Kerala. Strangely they have come out in support wholeheartedly for the residents of the five apartment buildings in Marad, Kochi. That is hypocrisy at its worst, it can't be denied.

Marad, which was a village became a municipality recently and the Supreme Court said that a law had been violated and it has ordered the residents eviction by 20 September. Five buildings are to be demolished. It is quite another matter whether the violation of law took place with the approval of the authorities - - the government of Kerala and the municipality of Marad; whether those who gave the sanctions of the 5 buildings have been brought to book and whether the builders of these
apartments share the blame. These are matters very serious, no doubt.

I hope they will be considered seriously. This brings the question of whether the buyers have been cheated.
It is hard to believe that they were cheated outrightly. It is also hard to believe that they were unaware that the builder had brazenly violated the law. What happened is that the muncipality and the government okayed the buildings and these people bought the apartments with their hard earned money.

Both parties, the Congress and the CPM, were involved in that.
The BJP has joined the agitation and a hue and cry is now being raised by the buyers who are to be evicted in a few days. The Marad muncipalty has issued these orders but their councillors are in support of the buyers. A strange game. The political parties have washed their hands off any hanky-panky in it and joined the protest.

How could the then panchayat members now join the stir? They were the Congress and CPM members. Unfortunately they have escaped punishment and only the buyers have to pay a heavy price. Not even the builders. In this context, it should be noticed that in Ernakulam from Marine Lines  many buildings have come up violating all laws but no action has been taken against them. The law is an ass, especially in India, is a saying that should mentioned. For such laws have been violated in all major cities of India in similar dealings such as that which took place in Marad.

This brings the question of the roles of various governments whether it be the CPM's or the Congress' or the BJP's . In these things they are one. That is the explanation for the roles of Oommen Chandy, Ramesh Chennithala, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and the BJP leader Surendra Pillai in this. My sympathies are with the residents of the five buildings for the simple reasons that they have been cheated by the politicians and the builders. One can imagine them spending their hard earned money for a flat. It could be said they presumed that they would not be touched by law. But the court has acted and ordered eviction and demolition of these buildings. The flat owners have now moved a curative petition in the Supreme Court. One hopes it will deliver them some hope.

The flat owners who are on the verge of losing their hard earned moñey have to be compensated and the government of Keraĺa has to pay it.

The curative petitions are where the SC can change its judgement; in short, the last plea before the court, their last hope.

One has no sympathy for the words uttered by the politicians for it is what their job is - to win the sympathy and votes of the people.

Take for example of the news that 31 quarries have been permitted in Kerala. Kerala has 1386 registered quarries. The unregistered quarries will number much higher. This has been done, according to the report without the knowledge of the revenue department. The report says the unlicensed quarries are owned by politicians; sons in benami names.

This is being done by a government which has agreed to follow the Gadgil committee's suggestions. The government has agreed to it this time but it had rejected the Gadgil report earlier. Nothing has changed, no lessons learnt. We continue to treat the environment with scorn.

The paddy fields of Kerala state have been converted into
construction sites mostly. All political parties and our netas of all religious backgrounds have supported the move. The result is that floods occur yearly with massive destruction of life and property. If Kerala persists in this, there can't be any relief from floods. It’s high time we took these matters seriously.

The argument that the Marad based people have to be given
humanitarian consideration is relevant to a certain level. The issue is we Keralites should have a detailed plan regarding our future that will not harm other people. Only such a plan can take Kerala forward . For that we have to think not politically but socially with environment given prime consideration. Else there will be many Marad like cases and floods will become a recurring havoc. It will destroy Kerala, God's own country.