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Why is Pinarayi losing credibility?

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

The games that people play can have very dangerous results. They may not be immediate but can have serious implications for the people and knowing that will help our society; but knowing that, politicians may still play it.

People get elected. How they got elected, what games they play to win, how much they spent for contesting the election, et al are issues which are never highlighted. Politics is a con game. We are all crooks, in different styles. Oodles of boodle are never investigated and people are happy it is not done. We all condemn the politicians. Are we better than them? I doubt. Divide and rule they say was the style of the British. Is it true? I think that it was our tradition.

The situation that persists in Kerala is more implicit than what is said of it. Politicians of all hues know it, priests and leaders of all communities know it. Nobody can violate the unwritten law of pleasing the community.

Pattayam (title deed) of 400 plots in Idukki district will be regularised. This is an ecologically fragile area in Idukki which is a hilly area, the highest in Kerala. Add to this the move to regularise land holdings up to 15 cents with buildings of 1500 square feet plinth area. These two moves alone will bring a disaster to the area, and perhaps for Kerala.

But Pinarayi Vijayan's real-political moves are not vehemently opposed by the Congress, for want of understanding its implications and that bodes ill for the state. A yawning gap between words and deeds of the Left Democratic Front surfaces.

This bodes ill for Kerala because it can be the beginning of a similar devastation as that which we witnessed about a year ago. Four hundred and eighty three lives were lost in the floods, 140 are missing. Tens of thousands lost their homes. Some of them had built their houses at a heavy cost. Keralites joined together irrespective of their caste and creed. The government did well in handling the disaster though it is alleged that relief has not been given to many. It should also be noted that people earning lots of money, without any sense of shame, applied for relief fund from the government. Our politicians, students, priests all stood as one and the crisis was overcome by that.

But yesterday's lessons are forgotten it seems. The above mentioned pattayams and the other moves will most probably cause a similar tragedy, maybe not immediately but for the next generation. Once regularized, there is no bar on building multi-storied buildings. The ecologically fragile land will become a haven for some but come the next generation or even before that, it is likely to become barren. This is what Kerala awaits for an unknown tomorrow. It is time for the government and the opposition parties to act as a united front to stop this disaster.

That is where Pinarayi hopes to gain votes. The yet to come regularisation will be hailed by a few citizens, priests and community leaders. They think not of what awaits them but do dream about their immediate gain. This is where Pinarayi hopes to win. The party had been routed in the recently held election. It hopes to win the coming 6 assembly by poll so that it can boast of a recovery. This is called realpolitiks!

Realpolitiks and politics are different. Realpolitiks has been played by the BJP during the Sabarimala agitation. It had first supported the Supreme Court judgment and later turned it into an agitation. The Congress, especially Rahul Gandhi, had hailed the SC judgment but later turned over. The BJP now has eaten humble crow. The CPM, especially Pinarayi, endorsed the judgment. Now Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has said the CPM did wrong in Sabarimala and it was the one issue that turned people’s votes against them. This shows that parties prefer realpolitiks forgetting politics.

In this scenario all the parties, the BJP, the Congress and the CPM are one. Realpolitiks is ruling the roost. It leaves no role for us voters - we the poor, we the downtrodden, we have to go by what they say. This means either we have no choice or our choice is extremely limited.

This is where Pinarayi might lose. The beneficiaries of his moves in regularising the encroachment will thank Pinarayi, but cast their votes according to their priests diktats or their habits. Habits die hard. This would mean Pinarayi's is not a good move anyway.

They might pay a little money or pay a little respect to Pinarayi's party, and may publicly say that. But they know where they should cast their votes. It is a grave mistake by Pinarayi and Kodiyeri to regularise the plots of land. We all will die sooner than later but what is being done by the government will adversely affect our future generations.

Will the Pinarayi government realpolitiking succeed or not; I think it will fail. Politicians underestimate the Keralites. We are shrewd, shrewder than the politicians we vote to power. No wonder people say proudly that Keralites are different from people of other states and more educated.

Pinarayi Vijayan's image has fallen deeply thanks to the events in the University College in the capital, the rift in the party over Sabrimala issue and the double standards it adopted in the Orthodox Jacobite issue.

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