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P C Punnen
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A Stabbing Case that points to larger issues

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

The University College in Thiruvanthapuram is in the news for the stabbing of an SFI student by two SFI members. This is strange and bad news for the University College which is known as Kerala's best college. The current move of the Kerala government headed by Pinarayi Vijayan to end this slide in the reputation of the college looks like an attempt to whitewash the government's stand. The SFI was known to be a fighter for justice and communal harmony and injustices against the student community. Those days are gone, it seems. It has become a gang of criminals. That is the impression it gives unfortunately.

That's a tragedy that awaits Kerala. The students have changed as their dreams and doings, just as the party, the CPM, has changed with the times. The government will blame the students who stabbed their fellow student, and take action against them and probably a few officers of the University for pilfering of answer papers. These are the issues; the racket in the PSC rank list.

Thousands of Keralites depend on PSC tests. If its tests are not correct, or there are malpractices what role did the PSC authorities play? They decide on the future of thousands of job seekers and the people of Kerala, and the parents of job seekers depend on this test’s outcome.

The accused in the stabbing case had the first rank that remains questionable thanks to his conduct. The least said about it the better.

This could be a racket. The PSC's appointments are made by the government, which changes every 5 years. What it means is obvious. The same rule applies to all that the government does in the name of governing the state. This has continued since Kerala was formed; will continue till eternity…..

The investigation that goes on in the case is or can be called a bid to save the government, the University and culprits at large. The Congress has demanded a CBI investigation in the matter. The governor who is also the Chancellor of the University has asked for investigation. The media has highlighted the issue. That's all that has happened. The media will have another issue to highlight and waste people's time. The politicians, Congressmen, BJP men or CPM men will focus on the issue, have debates and use four letter words as the situation demands and as per their talents.

The big racket has to be ended, how it can be done is for the people at large to debate and discuss. I doubt if this thing would happen. How much money the players gain is the big question least answered. The media is bound to play a decisive and profitable role in this; it depends on who their enemies of the day are and how their masters are.

This is the tragedy of Kerala. Oft repeated and discussed without reaching any conclusion.

The student stabbed and Shivarenjith the main accused in the case and Nasim, the student who assisted Shivarenjith, are but pawns in a big game. It so happens that was in University College. An incident in Brennan College in Malabar is almost of the same pattern. Except that the BJP and the CPM were involved. The same thing has happened in Thrissur. The college principals of Brennan College and University College have done the same thing as any other would have done. The government has announced stern steps in these cases. They will be repeated ad nauseam as years roll on. Pinarayi Vijayan has no claims to be quite innocent in this; he was an SFI leader just as others, his opponents, were leaders of their organisations. All of them would know of the goings on in their student organizations. Unfortunately the incident in Thiruvananthapuram close to AKG Centre, has happened at a time like this.

The incident which caused the murder of Rajkumar in Idukki has been forgotten. His wife has been given Rs16 lakhs by the government. The incident has ceased to be news in the media. The DSP has been transferred to a different post in a different district. The silence of the media and the people and the government and the opposition speak volumes of their concern for human rights.

People would have known very little about such incidents had there been no media. In that respect the police would have had many things to hide. Thanks to the media such incidents have at least come to light.

Almost the same thing happened in the remote villages of Northern states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and in Bihar. Things are changing, will change as time passes. There is nothing that can be hidden from the media or public as we progress. By that time hopefully our politicians will also change. Today they are sure of their success in their endeavours for the common man with a difference between them and the common man.

Masses are asses and politicians are today's kings. We have to change, the earlier the better.


(The ideas and views expressed are those of the writer.)