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P C Punnen
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Rahul makes very clever moves

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

Call it what you want to. The CPM, after the general election is bound to play a different role, hardly surprising. It has to support the Congress. Yesterday's 'Pappu ' will be tomorrow's hero. That is common in politics, the fate of India. Politics is a queer game. Today's friends will be tomorrow's biggest enemies and vice versa. I wonder whether the voters know this.

That said, let us look at Kerala's politics which political pundits or religious leaders or one's masters of all sorts, Cardinals, bishops, NSS leaders, SNDP leaders, Muslim religious leaders all monitor the outcome of the coming election. So important is this election; it will decide the fate of the nation. It is different from the previous elections. All of them are playing a game. We have no choice in the matter, except to stand in queue and cast our votes depending mostly on what we hope to get out of it.

Will anything happen if we don't? Nothing, I would say. Faith brings change. No chance for people below poverty line getting three square meals a day; their children getting their health care or their people getting a proper living place.

Rahul Gandhi speaking at Wayanad to a huge crowd that had gathered to see him, the CPM workers included, said CPM is not the enemy of the Congress, much to the Congress workers and leaders’ wonder. They were quite surprised at Rahul saying this. The masses including CPM and CPI workers were aghast. If I were there I would also have gone the same way. He said he will not say a word against the CPM and they are expected to contest against the Congress. It was a masterstroke. He won the people's support and cheers. He took a dig at the CPM's Kerala leaders and it was praise for CPM all India leader Sitaram Yechury. It was indirect but fairly understandable to the educated. He made it very clear that the CPM had no choice left. What else will they do in parliament other than say ‘yes’ to the opponents of the BJP. This is what he meant and what is clear to the masses.

Perhaps this indicates Yechury and the Congress are together against Prakash Karat , the former secretary of the CPM and Pinarayi Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Kerala unit mass leaders. Seen in this background, speeches by CPM leader Vijayaraghavan, Convener of the Left Democratic Front, comes to attention. Ms.Remya Haridas is the candidate of the Congress from Alathur where the CPM's Biju is contesting again. Vijayaraghavan's speeches to the public were in terms of mass appeal but against the rules of the Election Commission. She has approached the police for action against Vijayaraghavan. Kerala unit of the party has taken a view against Vijayaraghavan. This could be seen as an election oriented move by the party and the Congress. Vijayaraghavan could have avoided the sentence that caused damage to the party. The controversy is expected to end with the elections. It was a bad move by the party leaders against Biju.

But worse was the speech by Pinarayi Vijayan justifying his earlier remarks which caused severe damage to the party in the failure of the party candidate in Kollam, M A Baby. This time too Pinarai has repeated it. He called NK Premachandran who was a minister under Achuthanandan, names which cannot be repeated in public by chief ministers or senior leaders of the party. Pinarayi would have meant what he said, but there are ways by which such things should be said.

In Kerala in short, it boils down to two things. One the way leaders should speak and the need for a Congress-Left alliance considering the national situation. The party could follow what was done in Tamil Nadu. The Congress aligned with the DMK and AIADMK whatever the situation demanded. Such a combination should find wide welcome in Kerala for it will decimate our political parties like the Muslim League, and the Kerala Congress.

I think Rahul has shown a way forward to Kerala with his speech in Wayanad.

(The ideas, views and facts mentioned in the article are those of the writer.)