Fight it ideologically
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Fight it ideologically

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

The CPM leader of the Kerala government has scored a point: but how long it will last is yet to be seen. The CPM announced its candidates and the CPI's for the general election much before the Congress could do it. The Congress is yet to announce who will be its candidate in Wayanad and Vadagara. Till recently Rahul Gandhi's candidature from Wayanad was to be announced according to Kerala leaders Oommen Chandy, Ramesh Chennithala and Mullapally Ramachandran. But that is yet to be seen, let us say it won't be.

The BJP also has problems selecting its candidates. So the advantage seems to be in favour of the CPM despite the fact the media is against it, and it has said that the CPM won't get as many seats as it won in the last elections. Keralites will decide how many seats each party should get and where.

Let us look at the present situation in Kerala, not politically. It has generated a new focus. Regarding the situation in Kerala, the question of rule of law or the lack of it is very important. Unheard of in Kerala till recently, is the rise in crime. Anger is growing amongst the citizens. Kerala is, it seems, slowly slipping to the condition that prevails in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh known as the states where rule of law is unheard of. Kerala, given its culture and traditions, should not go that way. But unfortunately, Keralites pay more attention today to the elections, they have to decide which party should win.

The absence of the rule of law is encouraged by our political pundits and political parties. The police are not taking sufficient steps in this situation. Politics rules roost, unfortunately.

The police chief is said to have excellent relations with the prime minister and also the chief minister. He is said to be the blue-eyed boy of the CM. This situation prevails with other police officers also. They do what the ruling party says. This situation has been happening in other states for a long time. Today Keralites are following in their footsteps, despite Kerala being cultured and educated, knowing fully well what the law says.

And the police is under the control of Pinarayi Vijayan, the chief minister. Why should he hold the Home portfolio with the police under him? When Achuthanandan was the chief minister the home portfolio was handled by Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the present CPM Kerala unit secretary. He did well. The same cannot be said of Pinarayi if you go by what is said in the newspapers. They may be against Pinarayi because Pinarayi is treating journalists like he would treat his enemies. This could be because of his nature or the handling of issues related to Pinarayi by the press.

Pinarayi should have delegated the portfolio to somebody else and concentrated on state affairs as the former chief minister did or as Congress chief minister Oommen Chandy did. Achuthananthan did a lot for the massive victory of the party in the last elections. This time he is not in charge of the elections --- now it is the duty of Kodiyeri as the party secretary.

Now let us look at the elections in Malabar, the bastion of the CPM. In Kasargod constituency the CPM is facing Rajamohan Unnithan, an unfortunate candidate who lost many elections despite his ability as a spokesman of the Congress party. It's a tough contest. If the CPM loses, it's because of the murder of 2 Congressmen allegedly by Marxists, a heinous crime by its own men. If this election goes against the CPM among other reasons it could also be due to such 'heroics'. In this 'heroism' the CPM cannot be blamed alone; the RSS is also to blame. They are birds of the same feather.

This kind of murder and violation of basic principles of law is slowly gathering support of the ignoramus CPM workers and RSS men. They seem to have got the assurance of their masters in the party. The trend has spread to other parts of Kerala. It is the duty of Pinarayi to put an end to this and the RSS and Congressmen to stand by him. No point in speaking to the people or assuring them of a peaceful life.  The police and the political parties should jointly end this murder of easy targets. It's a hard task for Pinarayi. But he is known to have taken very harsh steps as the party secretary. No doubt this is a tall order but that needs to be done.

Who is your enemy number one- that is the main issue that awaits the Congress, the CPM and the BJP. That's the question that baffles a lot of their cares.  That is something to be decided at the moment: not the question of murdering the murderers. It can wait provided the police take action fast.

The CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said it is the BJP that is the party's enemy number one. Kerala chief minister and general secretary of the party's Kerala unit have yielded to that. They had opposed Sitaram Yechury once. It is for the Kerala unit of the Congress to admit that and face the general election which is very important, more important perhaps than the previous ones.

Instead of talking about crony capitalism, a word mostly said by the CPM which I know is beyond full understanding of the common people, or Gandhism and Nehruism widely used by Congressmen of all hues hoping to hide their self-interests. Both parties should show interest in handling the main issue Keralites face; the issue of murder of innocent people. The primary duty of a government is to ensure law and order. The minimum expectation of a citizen is protection of the life and property of the people by the elected government. Similarly, the citizen wants a police force which can firmly deal with the criminals as per the provisions of law.

It is time for the final battle. It's high time we forget our different faiths and vote for our nation's new era. It has remained our pipedream. Hope it will not be a repeat of events we have seen or overtaken.

(The ideas and opinions expressed above are those of the author.)