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P C Punnen
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Murder politics must end

P.C. Punnen

P.C. Punnen

CPM is facing a big problem: of its own conduct or its own leadership's conduct. P Jayarajan, the party's Kannur unit secretary, is in trouble with the CBI registering a case against him. The case relates to the murder of a Muslim League activist. P Jayarajan, a very prominent leader of the CPM, is accused of masterminding the murder. In Kasargode a CPM worker Peethambaran has been accused of murdering a Congress worker. He has said in court that his confession resulted from the police's third degree questioning.

For the past 25 years political workers have been brutally killed in Kerala. Murder has become a common practice in Malabar, especially in Kannur, the district of CPM leaders Pinarayi and Kodiyeri. The RSS and the CPM have been fighting a no-holds barred political battle. At times the Congress and the Muslim League have joined in. Hundreds have been killed in their clashes. A few years ago PT Chandrasekhar, an ex -CPM worker, was brutally murdered by CPM men. Rema, his wife, has floated a new party which is against the CPM now. The normal ritual is to convene an all party meeting by the Collector to settle the issue that drives party men to murder. All parties take care to issue a peace agreement but it doesn't last long. The participants know it. In short, Kerala has been witnessing this drama for years. Ordinary workers of the CPM, RSS, Congress and Muslim League have had to pay a heavy price.

It perhaps, indicates that Kerala, which is the most advanced state in the country has been paying a heavy price. It makes no sense to murder a man for his political views or affiliations. It makes the leaders of the state also guilty of protecting those behind the murders. It makes the police who are duty bound to provide protection to all citizens guilty.

The CPM is in direct trouble because election is due in a very short time and Kasargode is one seat the CPM has been winning for years. Time will pass but this murder will be fresh in people's mind at the time of elections. Pinarayi Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan have tried their utmost to escape the people's anger and they have said many things with that in mind. This hardly sounds sincere. The Congress is trying to gain votes by going on hunger strike. They too are guilty of the same crime Peethambaran has committed. The same goes for the RSS and the Muslim League. Perhaps Pinarayi Vijayan can put an end to all these, if he has the will. If there is a will there is a way as the saying goes. In the Assembly he has more than enough numbers so there is no threat to his rule. At the moment Kodiyeri as party secretary is bound to tackle that with stern action. That perhaps will remain a pipedream.

The CM has visited Vellapally Natesan at his home. He was accompanied by many ministers in the cabinet. This is a caste game which Pinarayi is playing. The Ezhavas form 24 percent of Kerala's population. The Ezhavas are staunch supporters of the CPM and Natesan doesn't have much say in the Ezhava votes though he is the SNDP leader. He has put his son in the BJP's camp. In the Nair community which has about 15 percent votes, the majority appears to share BJP political thinking. What is said of Natesan can be said of G Sukumaran Nair, the NSS leader. Statements of Sukumaran Nair do not have the support of all Nairs. They are bound to play the spoilsport in Kerala politics. A vast majority of the Nairs are either Communist supporters or Congress supporters. A faction of them may shift to the BJP supporters’ dream thanks to the Sabarimala incidents. But it holds no good chance of affecting the election outcome.

This kind of politics is what Kerala shouldn't meddle in. It speaks volumes for Keralites hypocrisy. Pinarayi shouldn't have tried this. It appears to be a foolish game. The Congress, the CPM's main rival couldn't have played so devious a move. It seems to be divided in its supporters gamble; the Christian and the Muslim community, together holding 50 percent of the voters, are virtually split. The Kerala Congress which has a section of Catholics vote without any thought of the matters that wait national voting is bound to split. It already has five or six parties which are at fights for seats. In short Kerala votes will be split between the Communist parties and its supporters, the Congress and the BJP. There seems to be no end to this in the coming election. Seen in this background Pinarayi has made a stupid move by visiting Vellapally at his residence. The Ezhava votes are bound to be in favour of the Marxists and Vellapally and his son being shameless in politics are bound to play the winners group.

This kind of political divide is not good for Keralites and against the very principles of Communism. In short, it would be a matter of name and shame for the communist leaders for whom the masses have sacrificed a lot, even their lives.

Peethambaran will be forgotten by Keralites. We the people who vote in the elections which is due in a short while have to be more interested in bigger issues like the future of the country and the role of Hindus, Muslims, Christians. Politicians will play their usual game. Mainly the Hindus will be split into various castes and sub-castes. The unity of India will remain a pipedream. India should be one, not of different castes and creeds as Rabindranath Tagore wrote 'Let my country awake'.

(The ideas and facts mentioned in the article are those of the author)