HP govt to boost Pashmina production
Himachal Pradesh

HP govt to boost Pashmina production

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Shimla, Jun 3 : Himachal Pradesh Government is determined to boost pashmina production in the state, State Animal Husbandry Minister Vairender Kanwar announced on Wednesday. The state records about one thousand kilogram pashmina wool production annually at present and aims to double pashmina production in the state in next five years, stated the minister.. The state government will distribute around 638 goats of Chanthangi and Chegu breeds to BPL families in pashmina producing snow bound areas of the state under the centrally sponsored National Livestock Mission. Under the mission 29 units (10 Doe +1 Buck in each unit ) of Chanthangi goats and 29 units (10 Doe +1 Buck in each unit ) of Chegu goats will be distributed to the BPL families in Lahaul Spiti ,Pangi Valley and Kinnaur districts to boost the Pashmina production under the National Livestock Mission.

Each unit will cost around rupees seventy thousand to government agencies. Ninety percent cost of the goats will be borne by central government while the state government and individual beneficiary will share the remaining ten percent cost in equal proportion, thus five percent cost will be shared both by state government and individual beneficiaries. The tender process for distribution of goats has been completed and the livestock will be distributed to the targeted families during the current financial year. At present Pashmina is produced predominantly in Darcha, Yochi, Rarik-Chika villages and Mayar valley in Lahaul valley besides Kibber, Langza region, Hangang Valley in Spiti valley Nako, Namgya and Leo villages in Kinnaur District and certain areas in Pangi valley of Chamba District.

There are around ten organized shawl manufacturing units working in the state which make products out of pashmina wool are situated in Rampur Bushair of Shimla District, Sundernagar and Mandi of Mandi District, Shamshi and Hurla of Kullu District and Sangla and Rekong Peo of Kinnaur District. Around 90 percent Pashmina wool is used in apparels i.e Shawl, Stoles and Mufflers and 10 percent in other products including high end coat tweeds.

Pashmina wool is mainly sold through retail selling and private buying by processors in the state. Predominantly white and natural grey colour Pashmina wool produced in the state is being used in the organized shawl manufacturing units in the state. The pashmina producers are getting remunerative prices for Pashmina wool in the state and at present the raw Pashmina prices by private buyers/processors are approx. Rs 3,500/- per Kg and the prices of this noble fiber are showing an increasing trend due to its unique quality and increasing demand of pashmina products in the domestic and international market. Government data shows that in Himachal Pradesh presently in the organized and unorganized sector around 10 thousand to 12 thousand artisans are working in the handloom sector. Total goat population is about 2,500 in Himachal Pradesh and the state government is making an all out effort to boost the population of goats in the state in the years. (UNI)