BJP can not defeat democracy: Cong
Himachal Pradesh

BJP can not defeat democracy: Cong

Agency News

Shimla, Nov 27: Himachal Pradesh Congress incharge on Wednesday hailed the Indian Constitution and said that democracy won in Maharashtra on the Constitution Day despite BJP ruled central government using all fair and unfair means to grab power.
"BJP could not defeat democracy," said Ms Rajani Patil in a press statement issued here today. "Every person should respect the constitution but it is very unfortunate that BJP is bent upon to grab power by hook or crook," she added.

Judiciary has once again retreated faith among the public about its impartiality. Now it is time to end the politics of opportunism which is mostly done in the darkness of night. She advised the BJP to stop autocratic and undemocratic ways of graving power so as to save morals laid down by our freedom fighters in the constitution which should give positive message regarding our nation.

She said that despite getting second tenure BJP has given priority to play divisive politics instead of focusing on the development of the nation, whereas they should have respected the mandate given by Indian citizens in expectations of dreams they were shown of development and shining India but unfortunately BJP’s misrule and immature economic policies has led our country to undeclared economic emergency which will further lead our nation to doldrums. (UNI)