Mechanism to bust poaching syndicates in northern states: WCCB
Himachal Pradesh

Mechanism to bust poaching syndicates in northern states: WCCB

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Shimla, Sep 23 : The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) of the central government is in the process of developing a mechanism to bust the international smugglers, poaching rings and syndicates operating in the northern states of the country.

Mr SV Garish, WCCB Deputy Director (North), said: ''The WCCB is planning to nail down the poaching, smuggling of body parts of wild animals and their hide by the international poaching ring and syndicates operating in the protected forests in the North India including to stop the peddling of flora and fauna from seven North Himalayan states including Himachal Pradesh,'' Mr Garish informed.

It has been reported that such illegal activities are also taking place in the UNSECO heritage Great Himalayan National Park and other protected forests. Syndicates supplying nails, hides and tuft of Leopard, Tigers, Cheetah, Brown and Black Bears, elephants, etc is quite common. The WCCB seized Leopard hide some two years ago and number of Pangolin smuggling cases are also on the rise.

The WCCB Deputy Director said the strategy would be to target the powerful international peddlers and poachers operating from the cities like Delhi and Mumbai. According to him, the WCCB is exploring the means how to find out footprints of these syndicates active in North Indian states.

He said a joint team would be formed after a meeting with the wildlife authorities of the Himalayan states. The Panchayati Raj representatives and other local people will also be engaged in the efforts. The team would visit and explore all those area which remain on the smugglers. "The WCCB would create awareness campaign among the people of so that they share information about the illegal activities.

Many species including engendered one are highly vulnerable and active target of such syndicates as these were poached, killed and trapped by an evolved syndicates operating in the region.

He said the body parts of Leopard, Snow Leopard, Bear and other animals are being smuggled from the Himalayan region. "Moreover, rare flora and fauna were being peddled at large-scale," he added.

"If WCCB have information about the operation of such syndicates at local level and high technology is in place, counter poaching mechanism would be evolved effectively. Social Media can also play a major role to keep vigil on such activities and expose such rackets," he said.(UNI)