Epidemic disease fanning: 10 new cases reported in HP
Himachal Pradesh

Epidemic disease fanning: 10 new cases reported in HP

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Shimla, Aug6: Ten cases of epidemic disease as new five cases of Scrub Typhus, two of dengue and three of jaundice reported in Himachal Pradesh during last two days, government sources confirmed. According to State Surveillance Officer Sonam Negi, out of 35 test for Scrub Typhus fever, five were found positive for Ricketicia pathogen mounting total number of outbreak cases as 239 in the season. Out of 2690 total ST samples, 91 case detected in Bilaspur district, 47 in Hamirpur, 43 in Kangra, 30 in Mandi, Ten in Solan, nine in Shimla, Six in Chamba, One each in Kinnaur,Kullu and Sirmaur.

The state recorded three deaths due to ST so far including two in Shimla and one of Mandi district. During last two days about 58 sample were tested for dengue and two found positive. The state recorded about 43 cases of dengue fever most of 27 from Solan district, eight from Kangra, two from Mandi and one each from IGMC, Hamirpur, Bilaspur and Una. In last 24 hours, three cases of jaundice were detected two of Hepatitis -A and One of Hepatitis- E.  During this year out of 845 samples 223 cases of jaundice (Hepatitis A) and 31 cases (Hepatitis E) were found positive.

Out of 223 Jaundice, 76 cases at Hamirpur, 42 case tested positive at IGMC and Shimla district, Kangra 19 in Chamba, 17 in Mandi, 11in Bilaspur Eight in Kullu and Six in Solan and two in Sirmour. Out of 31 Hepatitis-E cases, 12 found positive in IGMC and Shimla district, nine in Kangra, four each in Bilaspur and Hamirpur and two each in Mandi and Solan. No loss of life was recorded in the state due to jaundice and dengue. Swine flu which infests people in the state during winter season recorded loss of 41 lives this year as 334 N1N1 positive patients were scanned in the most of the cases recorded from Shimla and Kangra district, he added. UNI