COVID-19: Govt debunks reports of meat, eggs dangerous

COVID-19: Govt debunks reports of meat, eggs dangerous

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 18 : With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has taken the responsibility of debunking myths, rumours and unverified health advisories to tackle the misinformation and keep panic at bay. Past 24 hours, the fact check account of the nodal agency of Government of India has quashed about six widely circulated stories over social media platforms.

A post allegedly reporting that coronavirus vaccine gas has spread out through airplanes into the atmosphere was dismissed by the bureau stating, "No such action has been planned out by the Indian Government." Another report advising people to avoid mutton as goats have contracted the deadly virus has also been marked 'fake news' by the agency.

"Consumption of meat, poultry, fish and eggs do not cause # COVID19," tweet by PIB Fact Check reads, adding, "Pets do not spread viruses." Claims of bitter-gourd juice fighting off the viral symptoms too have been tossed as a tittle-tattle having no medical backing. The information bureau has also made it clear that no blood test is done while testing a patient for possible corona infection. "Their swab samples are sent to the lab. Hence message about the list of hospitals in Maharashtra for the blood test for #Corona is fake," it posted on its Twitter account.

The recent rumour to be discredited by it is that of the Prime Minister launching a programme to distribute free masks across the country. "No scheme like 'PM Mask Programme' is being run by the Central Government," PIB clarifies. The Union Health Ministry confirmed 151 COVID-19 positive cases in the country till Wednesday evening, with 134 number of active cases, three deaths and 14 recoveries. (UNI)