World Cancer Day; Fortis Institute honours survivors

World Cancer Day; Fortis Institute honours survivors

Agency News

Bengaluru, Feb 4: With an aim to acknowledge the contribution of the caregivers in fighting cancer, Fortis Cancer Institute, conducted a series of events on the occasion of World Cancer Day. Around 15 cancer survivors and their families along with doctors and support group team came forward to share their journey of battling cancer.

The event, I thank my family circle, aimed at honoring the family circle allowed the cancer survivors to give a token of acknowledgement to the family member who they think have helped them the most in beating cancer. To help the survivors and their caregivers in improving their mental well being, an art therapy workshop was conducted on the theme of family against cancer that helped them to decrease stress and perception of pain.

During the event, two cancer survivors, Raghavan Srinivasan and Ashok Setty also shared motivational speech to encourage the patients and their attendees who are currently undergoing cancer treatment. As part of the event, a support group was also launched for the cancer patients that would provide integrated sessions for patients and their attendants on yoga, nutrition and counselling.

Dr Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, said, “This World Cancer Day, we wanted to honor and acknowledge the efforts of the caregivers as they are the biggest support for a patient. Cancer is a life threatening disease and being diagnosed with it affects both the patient and their families severely. To cope up with this disease, a family requires a lot of courage and patience. Therefore, through this event, we wanted to express our gratitude to the family circle for their unconditional contributions in the fight against cancer.” (UNI)