Changes in DNA may affect Carcinogenic Genes: Study

Changes in DNA may affect Carcinogenic Genes: Study

Agency News

London, Dec 9 : A recent study by an international scientific team revealed that carcinogenic and tumor suppressor genes are not the only cause of the development of the risk of cancer diseases, but that changes in DNA also affect the expression of these genes.

In a study by British Journal of Cancer, experts indicated that they shed light on the cancer development causes through understanding how the uuencoded DNA protein sequence affects the occurrence of cancer, where genetic scanning can help determine the risks of cancer development. The researchers studied more than six million genetic variances in 13 different tissues of the human body, this came in an attempt to discover a correlation between a specific difference in the DNA sequence and a specific behavior of genes.

In terms of results, the study revealed that some DNA sequences are linked to carcinogenic and tumor suppressor genes for tumor development. This was clear to them that changes occur in the parts of the DNA responsible for regulating the immune system and the special processes within the cells of each tissue.

To better predict the risks of cancer development, the researchers are planning to continue studying DNA in order to develop an artificial intelligence system. (UNI)