The 2nd “Annual “Future of Protein Summit” to be held in New Delhi

The 2nd “Annual “Future of Protein Summit” to be held in New Delhi

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Kolkata, Oct 28 : The Future of Protein Summit, jointly organised by Humane Society International/India and Good Food Institute India in collaboration with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries will be held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on November 11 and 12.

This annual event is designed to advance the plant-based and cultivated protein sector with insights from leading international and local experts discussing key drivers and pathways for building the alternative protein ecosystem in India.

The recent emergence of alternative proteins such as plant-based products and cultivated meat, eggs, and dairy has been identified as a solution to numerous environmental, public health, social and ethical challenges in the global food system.

These transformative innovations have the potential to provide consumers with sustainable, reliable sources of protein without the tremendous resource burdens of conventional meat, eggs, and dairy.

The Future of Protein Summit’s session is curated to address all aspects of advancing this sector in India by closely examining the scope for scientific innovation, investor insights, the international landscape, the latest policy developments in this sector and much more.

Notable speakers include Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog, Michelle Adelman, Founder and CEO of Infinite Foods, and Sonny Vu, renowned entrepreneur-investor and Chairman of the Board at Perfect Day.

Alokparna Sengupta, Managing Director HSI/India said, “Plant-based and alternative proteins are driving the next great food revolution. The Future of Protein Summit endeavours to bring key stakeholders together by providing a unique networking platform for valuable partnerships to aid the growth of the sector in India.”

Varun Deshpande, Managing Director of GFI India said, “The alternative protein sector is already catalyzing a major shift in the way the world sources meat, eggs, and dairy. India has the potential to play a pivotal role in this transformation, and the Future of Protein Summit is aimed at laying the groundwork for the scientific, business, and policy advancements needed to get there.

We look forward to hosting key stakeholders in the future of food from India and around the world, and embarking on a mission for sustainable, healthy, smart protein together.” (UNI)