‘Perspective needs to go beyond sympathy for specially-abled’

‘Perspective needs to go beyond sympathy for specially-abled’

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New Delhi, Oct 18 : There is a fundamental problem when people are dealing with the differently-abled Perspective.
'A perspective that needs to go beyond a sense of sympathy and charity, because those aspects only go so far to gaining support for any cause. A perspective is required that focuses on strengths of persons with disabilities versus what’s lacking in their lives,' says teenpreneur turned socialpreneur Shaurya Sinha.
A perspective was needed that leverages true and genuine capabilities of specially-abled people that comes out from some of their physical limitations, says Shaurya. Young Shaurya's passion for filmmaking gave an entirely new direction to his pathway in life when he decided to create content that will generate social impact. It was the creation of one such short film that inspired him to work towards the mainstreaming of persons with disabilities.

Shaurya founded SpectraVerse with a vision to create a career platform that empowers marginalized candidates and enables companies to look beyond physical differentiators to create a culture of inclusivity through transparent and merit-based employment. SpectraVerse is ushering in a sea change - in the mind-set, livelihood, empowerment, financial freedom and quality of life for differently-abled people. It is a conduit through which direct association is established with companies that provide jobs to differently-abled candidates at their workplaces or their homes. Candidates are also aided in becoming budding entrepreneurs through hands-on training sessions.

Currently, SpectraVerse works closely with over 26 Corporates and 4 foundations. The platform has approximately more than 5300 candidates with 940 digital resumes and about 640 video profiles. SpectraVerse is well on track and is transforming lives of people with disabilities by enabling them to lead a dignified, financially stable and independent life whilst recognizing them as valuable human resources of India.

The company leverages the power of technology to enable candidates to work from any corner of the country. To scale the company, Shaurya has recently launched a new initiative titled, 'SpectraVerse 50' urging high school students from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Mexico, Tanzania and India to drive this platform across the globe. It comprises a passionate team of about 50 youth ambassadors.

Shaurya has also successfully developed a gig economy network for over 110 freelancers to ensure that location poses no barrier to talented and capable candidates.
Shaurya’s plans are to establish SpectraVerse as a sustainable student-run organization working towards creating a world of livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. He plans to implement this by mainstreaming people with disabilities and elevating them as equals, not as disabled or as specially-abled.(UNI)