Twenty per cent road accidents due to lack of sleep: Study

Twenty per cent road accidents due to lack of sleep: Study

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Nagpur, Oct 16: Sleep deprivation or inadequate sleep is said to be responsible for 20 per cent of road accidents across the world, as per a recent study.

Sleep is the basic human need and if you don’t get sufficient sleep it can lead to severe health problems and major accidents as well, says the report. Rates of road accidents are high in India and lack of sleep is one of the grave reasons for the accident. These findings were revealed in the recent two-day fifth international conference on sleep orders organized in collaboration with the South East Asia Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM) by the department Respiratory, Critical Care Sleep Medicine and Interventional assumptions of Getwell Hospital and Research Institute.

If one doesn’t get enough sleep, then the brain will not get rest. Such cases, the driver may lose consciousness of his brain while driving after the meal or between 2 and 4 o’clock in the night. And there are risks of accidents, says Professor of Cardiology at Royal College of England, Milind Sowani.

According to Dr Rajesh Swarnakar ‘Obstructive sleep apnea’ is a common problem and it affects the breathing process in sleep. Air does not flow normally n the lungs. The soft tissues behind the tongue and throat are destroyed as the flow of air is obstructed. ‘Apnea’ means breathlessness. That is, the breathing stops for a few seconds. This causes a sudden awakening from sleep. More so, there are several reasons for ‘apnea’. If not treated in time, the risk of serious illness can be high. In recent years, the risk of the disease has increased in young people and in young children too. Obese individuals are more likely to fall prey to this.

The two-day conference was attended by Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, Dr Deepak Muthreja, Dr Anil Sontakke, Dr David Cunnington, Dr Kevin Kaplan, Dr Sanchez de la Torre, Dr Larne Ogunyen, Dr Dilip Srinivasan, Dr Himanshu Garg and Dr Pratibha Dogra. (UNI)