80-90 pc cases of back-ache are treatable without surgery: Dr Vasavada

80-90 pc cases of back-ache are treatable without surgery: Dr Vasavada

Agency News

Ahmedabad, Oct 16: An estimated one in five person in the country experiences some kind of back-ache during his/her lifetime but thankfully 80 to 90 per cent of such cases can be treated without surgery, noted spine surgery expert Dr.Neeraj Vasavada said on Wednesday.

Addressing an event here on the occasion of the world spine day today Vasavada, the head of the spine surgery department at Shalby Hospitals here, said that most of the back-ache related cases could be treated with proper changes in life-style and food habits, medicines and the right kind of exercise.

He said that the spine related problems and backache cases were on the rise due to wrong life and sedative life style. Even children have also become prone to it due to their being physically less active. "Still fortunately most of the cases ie 80 to 90% can be completely cured without surgery. But when it is serious ie in 10 to 20% cases, expert advice must be taken and if the need arose surgery should also be done as the technology has advanced a lot and the understanding about the complex spine chord has also increased a good beat. The success rate of spine surgery has also become 93%. There should be no fear about it. The spine problems unlike heart disease or cancer don't kill immediately but make life extremely painful. There should be more awareness about spine related diseases," he said.

To a query he said that sciatica in itself was not a disease but a condition caused by an underlying reason mostly slip disc. Most of the cases of slip disc could also be treated with proper mix of rest, medicine and lifestyle changes. For prevention of spine related diseases one should do 40 minutes of walking or swimming or cycling at least 4 days a week. Vasavada also suggested the regular computer users to keep the monitors in the right alignment of their eye to avoid cervical spondylitis.

He lamented that the sedative life style of modern ages was increasing the risk of poor spine health. "Spine is such an important and complex part of our body and due to life style reasons we are now more prone to its diseases," he said. (UNI)