Fatty Liver a challenge for Liver Transplant - liver transplant unit at CMRI

Fatty Liver a challenge for Liver Transplant - liver transplant unit at CMRI

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Kolkata, Sep 22: With obesity growing rampantly globally, a threat to liver diseases is increasing with every passing day.

Fatty liver is the biggest hurdle faced when it comes to liver transplant. Though there is
a great demand for patients waiting for liver transplant, getting a donor is a challenge as patients with fatty liver do not qualify to be a donor.

In Kolkata, according to Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO),
there has been only seven liver transplants and fifteen kidney transplants. This of course happens to be from cadaver donation.

According to gastrointestinal surgeons and physicians who have special interest in liver transplant we usually advise patients for liver transplant if a patient is at end stage liver disease or has decompensate cirrhosis of liver or is in acute liver failure. Such patients are quite in number.

The list of patients who have registered themselves for liver recipient in the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) is 2500 while the actual demand is almost twenty times of what have been captured. Records show that only 33 liver transplants have taken place in the country but these are all cadaver donation. In reality, in Delhi alone there are 70 to 80 patients who go through liver transplant in
a month. Compared to North or South India, East is way behind.

In Kolkata though the numbers of patients awaiting for transplant is quite a few but in
reality we have not yet touched the two digit figure in a month. Though the needle seems to move but it has picked up the momentum. Different private hospitals along with government set ups have take up the cause of organ donation.CK Birla Hospitals, synonymous to clinical excellence, ethical conduct and patient care, with its sheer endeavour to effectively establish organ transplant service has taken up the cause of Organ Transplant with all its seriousness.

According to Dr. Simmardeep Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals, “Given the rise in reported
cases of liver diseases our most advanced and well-equipped Liver Transplant Unit is more than prepared to meet the present requirements of the city and beyond. Thus, getting a nod from the State’s health department to conduct liver transplant surgeries with the team of expert surgeons and physicians at our disposal.”

“ I am sure we can serve a lot more patients who are suffering from the debilitating ailment and are in desperate need of transplant. It is and has always been our earnest endeavour to serve the needs of the people and we hope that we can, through our Liver Transplant Unit, transform many more lives in the years to come,” Dr Gill said.
As the liver transplant journey in India reaches substantial numbers and is an opportunity of a lifesaving procedure for individuals dying from end stage liver disease. The effective exchange is an outstanding example of how sharing of human sufferings and joy surpass social barricades and can unite two individuals. The switch option is a blessing in times of organ donor shortage and, thus, the Liver Transplant Unit of CMRI not only look forward to serving Kolkata but the entire east zone. This unit will be manned by skilled gastrointestinal surgeons, physicians, critical care clinicians, anaesthesias and efficient nurses. (UNI)