‘Robot Arm’ assisted operations and AI techniques to dominate future: Apollo Doc

‘Robot Arm’ assisted operations and AI techniques to dominate future: Apollo Doc

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Hyderabad, Sep 8 : Dr Mithin Aachi, Sr Ortho & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Secunderabad on Sunday said that 'Robot Arm' assisted navigated knee replacement and Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, definitely would dominate in future for patient care, there would be an exponential increase in their usage in the years to come.

Talking to media on the occasion of 5th edition of Arthroplasty Arthrocopy Summit, organized by Apollo Hospitals under the aegis of Telangana Orthopaedic Surgeon's Association (TOSA) and Twin Cities Orthopaedic Society (TCOS), here, Dr Aachi along with Dr N Somashekar Reddy, Sr Ortho & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals said that a Robot doesn't do surgery by itself but it helps the surgeon plan, execute and achieve a better surgical result than he (doctor) would have by human effort alone. Hence Robot surgery in less pain, better outcomes and longer survival rates of joint replacement surgery, he said.

Explaining further on Robot surgery, Dr Aachi said usually for a Robot assisted surgery patient undergoes CT scan of the knee to correctly update the surgeon about the deformity and the thickness of bone cuts required and the implant sizes to be placed.

This is enhanced planning which gives the surgeon an idea of the type of bone cuts required and the size of implants which will correctly match that patient on an individual level. Once this is fed into the software a camera helps in understanding the position of the knee by markers placed in its bone.

Once the 3d position of the knee is determined by the Robot it helps in achieving the bone cuts to perfection by aligning the Robot Arm in the correct plane as the surgeon starts his bone cuts. No deviation from the correct plane is seen in this even though the knee might shift in position during surgery for which the Robot camera adjusts the alignment again in functionally accurate position.

This is the Robot Arm Assisted Preparation which is 3 to 5 times more accurate than conventional knee replacement jig cuts, Dr Aachi said.

Dr Somashekar Reddy said that the conference discussed the latest techniques in joint replacement treatments and explored what would be best for Indian patients.

The Summit was attended by over 200 delegates from various parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. UNI