Contaminated food takes a heavy toll on people’s health 

Contaminated food takes a heavy toll on people’s health 

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Copenhagen, June 6: Every minute, 44 people, more than 23 million per year fall sick from eating contaminated food, and an estimated 4700 per year lose their lives.

This is according to a review of the most recent available data titled “The burden of foodborne diseases in the WHO European Region”, and it represents only the tip of the iceberg as the true number of cases is unknown.

These findings are presented on the occasion of the first-ever World Food Safety Day on June 7. The WHO European Region will join partners across the world in celebrating the day to raise awareness and promote action to improve food safety.

“Every country around the world, from small to big, from rich to poor, has suffered from foodborne illnesses, and Europe is no exception. The scale of the challenge posed by foodborne disease is striking, indicating the importance of preventing and mitigating risks to food safety,” says Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

Unsafe food is responsible for millions of sick days, and can sometimes lead to lasting or severe illness, hospitalisation and even death. The overall burden of foodborne disease in the Region is estimated to be 4,13,020 disability-adjusted life-years, meaning years in which a person’s life is affected by a disease.

A variety of bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical hazards have potentially serious consequences not only for human health but also for the economy and environment. (UNI)