Nipah confirmed in Kochi, 2 nurses under watch

Nipah confirmed in Kochi, 2 nurses under watch


Nipah virus has been confirmed in the case of the youth admitted to a hospital in Kochi. Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja today said the student undergoing treatment at Aster Medcity in Kochi had nipah virus, based on the results from Pune National Institute of Virology.

Two nurses who had treated him were also found to have symptoms of nipah. They are now under observation. Two classmates of the student are also suffering from fever and one of them was transferred to the isolation ward.

The minister said there was no need to panic as all precautionary measures had been taken. The Union Health Ministry is sending a team of experts to Kochi and has offered all support to the State in tackling the situation.

Health department officials have spread out to different parts of the district, including Parur where the student hails from, to create awareness about the virus and precautionary measures to be taken.

A long list has been prepared of 86 people, including his classmates in Thodupuzha and Thrissur, where he had gone for two days as part of internship, and they were under medical observation.

Shailaja said priority was steps to prevent the spread of the disease and finding the source of the virus. She added that the condition of the student was stable.All hospitals in the district were given instructions to open isolation wards. The expert team from Kozhikode, which handled the situation last year, has reached Kochi.

Medical experts said bats were behind the spread of the virus. It was also the breeding season of bats and people were advised to stay away from their dens and not to have half-bitten fruits.

The 23-year-old boy identified with Nipah studied at a college in Thodupuzha and had stayed at Thrissur for two days from May 23. The health department conducted examination at the rented house and college and checked the water source.