Cosmetic surgery creating new wave among ObGyn surgeons in India: Expert

Cosmetic surgery creating new wave among ObGyn surgeons in India: Expert

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Bengaluru, May 11 : Reconstruction and rejuvenation is opening new vistas to upcoming ObGyn surgeons as India has been witnessing the demand growing in the upcoming generation.

The recognition and realisation by the country’s girls and women that the options and expertise is available at their doorstep is to make an impact on how this branch of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery will position itself in countries like India.

At a conference here, Prof Isaac Manyonda from the UK spoke about the huge demand in the UK and in the West and said, ‘“It will not be very long to see this branch grow in India and Africa.”At the the ‘Cutting Edge 2019’ conference held here on Saturday, he said, ‘’Every woman is unique in physiology and in her response to life’’.

Keeping this as the central theme of the conference, the doctors discussed a personalized approach to each woman that they treated. The discussions were preceded by live surgeries that were simultaneously being performed at Radhakrishna Hospital.

“We are dealing with a spectrum of problems in women’s health care to cater to the needs of girls and women. Rather than being judgmental to the need for surgeries like vaginal rejuvenation, offering a choice to empowered girls and women and letting them make their decision is what we stand for,’’ Dr Hema Diwakar and Chairman of ARTIST (Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer) stated.

It is amazing to see how we as ObGyns are challenged from basic requirements of bringing down the maternal mortality rate to the complex luxuries of aesthetic surgery,” she said

With women today making up to 49.6 per cent of the total population, the amount spent on women’s health and research is depleting. Health care however, is becoming increasingly personalized and patient-centric and institutes like ARTIST aim to tackle these challenges, she added.