National Conference on Minimalistic Pathology at AIMS, Kochi

National Conference on Minimalistic Pathology at AIMS, Kochi


Kochi, Feb 9. Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kochi, is holding a 3 day national conference on Minimalistic Pathology from 9-12 February, 2019. The conference commenced today and was attended by more than 350 delegates from all over India. The conference is being conducted by the Department of pathology, AIMS, Kochi, under the aegis of the Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists [IAPM]. The conference will focus on the Minimalist approach to Pathological studies.

Speaking at the conference Dr. Ajit Nambiar, Professor and Head of the Department of Pathology,AIMS, said, ‘ Pathology diagnostic services are a critical component of healthcare, and an increasing number of healthcare decisions are based on pathology reports…………….With the increasing number of patient footfalls in hospitals, many surgeons and even patients have become impatient with the traditional protocols of pathological investigations which involve multiple invasive and complicated retrievals. This has led to the evolution of modern new protocols of minimalistic pathology.’

The conference is addressing changing concepts of diagnosis and standardized care with minimally invasive pathological investigations that are patient friendly and cost effective.

Dr. Indu, Additional Professor, Department of Pathology, AIMS, said ‘..With technological advances in imaging, site specific guided aspirations and biopsies as well as rapid on site evaluation can now be done especially from previously inaccessible sites such as lung, pancreas, mediastinum, stomach and intestines. In addition as we are moving into a molecular era, this tissue can also be used to study molecular signatures and tumour biology……’

President of the Kerala Chapter of IAPM, Dr. Krishna Balachandran said, ‘Minimalist pathology has established personalized treatment options, paving the way for tailored therapy, especially for lung and breast cancers.’

The conference was inaugurated by Dr.Prem Nair, Medical Director, AIMS, Kochi