World Cancer Day- February 4

World Cancer Day- February 4


Feb 4, World Cancer Day empowers us to raise our voice and collectively ensure that our governments do more. All over the world we come together to rally and unite in a positive and inspiring way for individuals together can create change.

World Cancer Day was born on Feb 4, 2000 at the World Summit against Cancer held at Paris. The Paris Charter aims to promote research, raise awareness and mobilise the world community to make progress in the fight against cancer. For this purpose more than 985 events have been held in 137 countries so far.

It is imperative that the public understands Cancer, for the more you know about it, the more lives can be saved. It has been reported that one third of the Cancers prevalent can be prevented. Through a healthy diet, maintaining healthy weight and remaining physically active some of the Cancers can be prevented. Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of Cancer. Its use has been found to cause 15 types of Cancer including oral cancers, lung, liver, stomach, bowel, ovarian as well as some types of leukaemia.

Alcohol too is linked to an increased risk of many Cancers. Chronic infections [caused by viruses] are known to cause around 16% of cancers globally. Common forms of cancers of the stomach, cervix and liver are associated with infections like Hepatitis B and others. This is all the more reason why vaccination against these must be taken.

Cities and communities must take the lead in creating quality environment that promotes and protects the health and well being of all its citizens in equal measure. Feb 4th is a reminder of that.