Green neighbourhood lowers risk of heart diseases: Reports

Green neighbourhood lowers risk of heart diseases: Reports

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Mumbai, Jan 23: An American research paper has now proved that people living in areas with more trees suffer less from heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases and mental stress.

With this thought, Madhavbaug, renowned for its efforts to control heart diseases through Ayurvedic treatments and Sahyadri Devrai, an institution of well known actor Sayaji Shinde have joined hands.

Madhavbaug’s research on heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension has been published in reputed medical journals at national and international level, like the Indian Heart Journal, Lancet and the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, as well as medical conferences like the International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Cardiology. So far, more than one thousand diabetic patients of Madhavbaug have successfully reversed their disease. In order to reverse these various diseases having their roots in incorrect lifestyle comprehensively and effectively, Madhavbaug has incepted treatment methodologies like diagnosis, control, reversal and rejuvenation.

A seminar ‘Udaan, 2019’ was organized here on Tuesday by Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane, founder and CEO of Madhavbaug who formally launched the treatments. Present as the chief guest on this occasion was well known actor Sayaji Shinde. Shinde praised the treatments of Madhavbaug through his own experience. He also explained the importance of tree plantation and conservation in solving the ecological and water problems plaguing villages and towns on Maharashtra. He further expressed his confidence that the thought of conservation of forests can be taken to maximum number of citizens through the vast network of Madhavbaug’s clinics in the country. Dr. Rohit Sane presented Shinde a citation praising his work. He also expressed his resolve to take efforts to increase awareness in all the patients coming to Madhavbaug for treatment in the coming year.They also inaugurated a mission ‘Let’s Reverse It’ in order to prevent and treat heart problems.

In the coming year, 50 lakh citizens and patients will be explained the importance of diseases reversal and forestation through Madhavbaug’s more than 190 clinics and 2 hospitals functioning in 6 states. To achieve this, various awareness campaigns, lecture series and workshops will be organized throughout the coming one year.

Among those present for the Udaan, 2019 program were member of the Gujarat Ayurved Board Dr. Soni, Madhavbaug Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gurudatta Amin and more than 600 doctors and employees of Madhavbaug, coming from its Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat etc centers. The program was hosted by Shripad Upasani, COO, Madhavbaug. (UNI)