First Robotic knee replacement surgery performed in TN

First Robotic knee replacement surgery performed in TN

Agency News

Chennai, Jan 3 : Doctors at SIMS Hospital this week performed two back-to-back successful Robotic total knee replacement surgeries, for the first time in Tamil Nadu.

The surgeries were performed on 65-year-old patients, both with
severe knee pain for over five years. These surgeries were done using the NAVIO PFS Robotic surgical system, the latest advanced generation Robotic intervention in joint replacement (developed in the USA) and to the delight of the families, enabled these patients to walk without significant pain within four hours of surgery.

The surgery was performed by the team lead by Dr Vijay C Bose, Joint Director and Senior Consultant, Institute of Orthopedics SIMS Hospital, Dr. Pichai Suryanarayanan, Sr.V.P, Medical, Joint Director and Senior Consultant, and Institute of Orthopedics SIMS Hospital, Dr Ashok Kumar P S Senior Consultant, Department of Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery. “Robotic joint replacement surgery has many definitive benefits over traditional joint replacement surgery--one being, a bone conserving technology as it helps in preserving natural anatomy.

It enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision even during the most complex procedures and difficult cases, Dr Bose told reporters here on Thursday.

Enhanced precision and lesser bone removal lead to less blood loss, painless, faster and better post-operative outcomes for the patient. “Robotic assisted joint replacement is much higher level with regards to many parameters than traditional joint replacement surgery”, Dr Vijay Bose said.

“The NAVIO Robotic system reduces the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant'', he said.

''Though this was a very high-end technology, we have chosen to not make it expensive so that more patients will be able to benefit from this”, Dr Ashok Kumar said.

Former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev also launched the first Robotic Knee Replacement Institute in Tamil Nadu at SIMS in the presence of Film actress Jyotika. (UNI)