Hospital’s ‘Mommy Makeover’ brochure in controversy

Hospital’s ‘Mommy Makeover’ brochure in controversy


Bengaluru based hospital Aster CMI has come out with a brochure ‘Mommy Makeover’ which has drawn flak as it offers cosmetic surgery for new mothers as reported in a national daily. Many doctors have taken exception at details in the brochure and some termed them ‘absurd’ and some others ‘sexist’.

It is a well known fact that a new mother’s body needs time to get back into shape. Medical intervention for this through cosmetic surgery and body contouring to get back pre pregnancy bodies is an attractive proposition. But how appropriate is this? ‘With such brochures, women are being targeted at their most vulnerable moments..’ said Dr. Priyanka Nanjappa when speaking to a reporter.

The brochure uses many phrases which have met with disapproval from the doctors. Terminology such as ‘facial recontouring addresses double chin fat’, ‘genital rejuvenation for hymen reconstruction’, ‘breast reduction’, ‘breast augmentation’ and ‘reshaping sagging, deflated breasts’. All these are mentioned in the ‘Mommy Makeover’ brochure and amount to obliquely pregnancy shaming of women.

When contacted, a spokesperson of Aster Hospital had this to say: ‘We best recommend a Mommy Makeover after completing child bearing duties- as the results of this procedure will be affected by subsequent pregnancies. Women can consider undergoing breast and body related procedures after 8-12 months of having stopped breast feeding’.

The spokesperson added that they comply with the WHO guidelines on breastfeeding. In addition they have Lactation consultants and also provide Postpartum family support every Thursday at Aster Mother and Child Wellness Clinic. Referring to the brochure, they said: ‘The surgeries listed in our brochure are being performed by plastic surgeons on a day to day basis across all cosmetic centres and corporate hospitals in India including Bangalore, also these procedures are an individual’s choice and are performed with their consent after they complete their child bearing duties. We would want to reiterate the message that the content in the brochure is not put out to hurt the sentiments of the public or women in specific and neither do we intend to body shame or pregnancy shame any of the females in any manner.’