Delaying breakfast, expediting dinner can aid weight loss

Delaying breakfast, expediting dinner can aid weight loss

Agency News

London, Sep 11: Putting the earlier studies to back-burner, which suggested early breakfast as the way to go for weight loss, a new study has revealed that delaying breakfast time by 90 minutes and having dinner as early as 90 minutes before time, can reduce the body fat by almost 50 per cent.

According to Dr Jonathan Johnston, Reader in Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology at the University of Surrey, who led the research, "This study has provided us with invaluable insight into how slight alterations to our meal times can have benefits to our bodies.

''Reduction in body fat lessens our chances of developing obesity and related diseases, so is vital in improving our overall health,'' Dr Johnston told the Science Daily. During the 10-week study on 'time-restricted feeding' (a form of intermittent fasting), participants were asked to delay their breakfast by 90 minutes and have their dinner 90 minutes earlier.

Researchers found that those who changed their mealtimes, lost on an average more than twice as much body fat as those in the control group, who ate their meals as normal. (UNI)