Environment, nature & biodiversity are complementary to each other: Min

Environment, nature & biodiversity are complementary to each other: Min

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Chandigarh, Jun 4 : Haryana Environment Minister Kanwar Pal said environment, nature and biodiversity are elements that complement each other. While giving this message during an online seminar on the occasion of 'International Environment Day' that falls on June 5, the Environment Minister said it is also a coincidence that recently on May 22, 2020, the world celebrated 'International Biodiversity Day'.

The theme of International Biodiversity Day was ‘The solution for human problems lies in nature itself.’ Now, 'International Environment Day' is being celebrated on June 5, 2020, on the theme of 'Biodiversity'. This proves that biodiversity, nature, and environment are deeply interlinked with each other.

The biodiversity’s existence is possible if nature and environment strike the right balance and likewise the environment’s equilibrium is sustained due to biodiversity. He said due to population explosion and other reasons, biodiversity is declining and some species have even become extinct. There are numerous reasons which have led to the extinction of biodiversity, primarily due to environmental pollution, climate change, deforestation, and excessive grazing, fragmentation of biodiversity habitat and hunting of animals among others.

Increasing environmental pollution is the root cause of extinction of biodiversity. Mr. Kanwar Pal said the 'State Biodiversity Board' is actively working to compile information about biodiversity in the state. According to the provisions of the Biodiversity Act, 2002, biodiversity committees have been constituted across the state for this work. It is the responsibility of the Biodiversity Committees to maintain a register of the region with the details of all types of biodiversity information so that the biodiversity data in that area can be obtained.

The biodiversity register records the information of herbs available with the villagers so that such valuable knowledge can be kept safe for future generations. Through these biodiversity registers, the Biodiversity committees will be able to maintain information about the herbs found in their respective areas. The Biodiversity Committees will not only have knowledge of herbs found in their areas, but will also get a share of the profits from the merchants and pharmaceutical manufacturers who trade these herbs.

Chairman of Haryana State Biodiversity Board, Mr. Gulshan Ahuja said in order to make people aware about environmental protection and to understand the importance of biodiversity, various competitions like quiz competition, painting, photography and essays were organised by the Board and in view of International Biodiversity Day Writing contests were conducted online in which school children and general public participated. (UNI)