JJP-BJP coalition has lost public support: Hooda

JJP-BJP coalition has lost public support: Hooda

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Kaithal, Mar 8 : Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda has stated that the BJP-JPP government has created a record of sorts by losing all its support within months of being elected and said the government has fallen from grace before it falls under the weight of its own contradictions, as it has 'lost the support' of the people.

Addressing a Parivartan rally in Karoda village of the Pundari Vidhan Sabha seat, organised by Kanwarpal Karoda who left INLD and joined Congress, Hooda launched an all-out attack against the government and he said the state government had failed to protect the interests of the farmers. He said farmers in the state are on the verge of bankruptcy, but the government has not yet come forward to help.

Hooda said the farmer of Haryana is very hardworking but faces financial ruin of a series of natural factors but is also a victim of government policies and scams like paddy. He said a combination of natural disasters and government apathy have pushed the farmers into debt.

Former Union Minister Jai Prakash also invited people to a rally to be held in Uchana on November 1 and said more than 5 lakh people would be a part of the rally. (UNI)