Kaithal surgeon removes 6.3 feet insect from patient’s stomach

Kaithal surgeon removes 6.3 feet insect from patient’s stomach

Agency News

Kaithal, Jun 29: After an operation, a surgeon successfully brought out a 6.3 feet long live insect from the intestines of a patient in a private hospital here last night.Dr Devinder Singh Panwar on Saturday said that the insect was known as 'Tinia Solium' and this was the largest insect found in the stomach of a person in North India.

The Surgeon said that the patient from Jind town was suffering from pain for the last about 15 days. The Jind doctors conducted his ultrasound and X-Ray and advised him to go to PGI Rohtak. However, as his stomach pain intensified, his kin brought and admitted him in Jaipur Hospital here at 2130 hrs last night. The patient was operated on at 2330 hrs. His small intestine was found ruptured and insect was noticed and brought out.

Dr Panwar said that such insects develop in any person after consuming half cooked pig meat or by consuming unwashed vegetables. This insect can grow in the intestines for about 25 years and could trouble the patient any time. It could also adversely affect the functioning of brain. However, such cases are rare, he added. (UNI)