Haryana govt promoting dairy farming & dairy industries: CM

Haryana govt promoting dairy farming & dairy industries: CM

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Chandigarh, Jun 6: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that the government is promoting dairy farming and dairy industries in the state.
The Chief Minister held a meeting with operators associated with dairy farming and dairy industries in NDRI auditorium Karnal today and assured them of solving their problems and asked for their suggestions.
He said that there are number of possibilities in the field of dairy farming and dairy industries. Dairy Farming and Dairy Industries are already being given a lot of facilities by the government, but further suggestions will also be incorporated in the schemes besides solving their problems to make it more remunerative venture. He assured that the steps would be taken not only for the benefit of the operators of dairy industry but also of the farmers engaged with dairy farming.
Haryana Milk Plant Association Chairman Sanjay Dhingra expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for hearing their suggestions in the meeting. He said that Dairy Industries in the state will become fully flourished with the availability of more milk. For this, he suggested that efforts should be made to increase the quantity of milk production in the state.
On the other hand, farmers associated with dairy farming present in the meeting informed the Chief Minister that they do not have much profits from milk production, but sale of cattle and their calves earns some income for them. They also suggested that milk prices should be determined by the government according to fat so that people engaged in milk production business are not exploited. They demanded that the quality of animal feed be maintained and its prices should also be reasonable. (UNI)