This country has never forgiven anyone’s arrogance: Priyanka

This country has never forgiven anyone’s arrogance: Priyanka

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Ambala, Haryana, May 7: Charging Prime Minister Narendra Modi with shattering the aspirations of the people of the country over the past five years, Congress leader and AICC general secretary for Uttar Pradesh east Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, seeking to draw comparisons between him and Duryodhana of Mahabharata, said that this country has never forgiven anyone’s arrogance and that the people would hold him accountable.

Addressing a public rally at Ambala in support of Congress candidate Kumari Selja, Priyanka said, "this country has never forgiven arrogance. History is testimony to this. Such a arrogance was also seen in Duryodhana of Mahabharata.When Lord Krishna tries to show him the truth, he tried to even make him captive.

The people of India have an excellent sense of judgement which has been a part of their nature for centuries. They cannot be misled. The public of this country makes every leader accountable. It will also hold you accountable.’’

In this context, she quoted the words of poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar on arrogance blaming the death of conscience on arrogance.

Speaking at the rally, Priyanka said that this election is about the crores of families whose aspirations and hopes were shattered by this Prime Minister.

‘’This election is about the achievement of the BJP Government and they (BJP) are trying to divert attention of the people to other issues to hide their failures,’’she said.

Accusing the PM of not having paid attention to the interests of farmers and the poor, she said, "thousands of farmers from Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and all states marched to Delhi so that the PM could listen to their grievances. But he did not even take out five minutes of his time to listen to these farmers. And understand their problems. All of you have seen in your state how farmers are in pain.

There are huge arrears due to sugarcane farmers who do not even get the right price for their produce. But whenever the BJP leaders go for campaigning they never refer to these issues. They do not tell you why the promises made by them to people were not fulfilled. Instead they talk of other things -- sometime they seek votes in the name of martyrs while sometimes they insult the martyrs in my family. But never do they talk about the problems faced by people.UNI