EVM is completely secure; Haryana CEO

EVM is completely secure; Haryana CEO

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Chandigarh Mar 28 : Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Rajeev Ranjan said here on Thursday that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are technically, completely secure and nobody could hack or tamper with them.

The EVM system of India is the strongest, most secure and transparent in the world and every citizen should feel proud of this, Mr Ranjan asserted.

He said from time to time, it has been stated that EVMs could be hacked or tampered, but it was impossible.

EVM is secure and both its ballot and control units are connected with each other with an encryption coding. As different encryption codes are generated after pressing the button each time, any type of tampering with the machine is not possible, he added.

The CEO said that on several occasions, it has been stated that multiple votes could be caste in a single time through EVM, but this was completely false.

He said that on pressing the button by a voter, no other button could be pressed on the machine for 12 seconds. Till the time, the voter does not come out of the voting compartment after pressing the button, the Presiding Officer will not restart the machine for the next voter to caste his vote.

In case, even if anybody tries to press button on more than one occasions, in that situation, the machine is locked by the Presiding Officer by pressing the control button and the machine will not register the vote.

He said there is also a doubt in the minds of people that the software of an EVM could be changed or hacked. But, it is impossible to do this as there is no connectivity of any kind in the EVM, he explained.

An EVM does not have any kind of connector, receiver or metre and therefore, it is not possible to hack the machine.

According to Mr Ranjan, an EVM is more transparent and secure, as compared to the old ballot system. Earlier, several problems and complaints like booth capturing and invalid votes had come to the fore, but with the use of EVMs, no such problem arises.

Moreover, as compared to the old system, the use of EVM helps in consuming less time in counting of votes and that too accurately.

In the old system, the possibility of error in counting votes was much higher. He said that clock synchronization technique is used in the EVM, through which record like date of voting, even on what minute or second the vote has been caste, is maintained.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in elections this time, besides the EVM, Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines are also being used to bring more transparency in the system.

He said that VVPAT machine is a printer on which the voter could see the vote caste by him and ensure that his vote actually goes only to that candidate, to whom he voted for.

The voter could see his vote on the VVPAT screen for seven seconds, Mr Ranjan detailed, adding that which EVM machine would go to which polling station, is a random process.

The selection of person for operating the EVM is also a part of the same process. Under this process, nobody has prior information about which EVM would go to which polling station and who would operate it.

He said that before taking the EVMs to polling stations, an inspection is made in the presence of representatives of political parties, under the CCTV cameras.

Thereafter, again on reaching the EVMs on polling stations, a mock polling is conducted on EVMs in the presence of polling agents of political parties. Their signatures are also taken that EVMs are working properly.

Apart from this, the GPS tracking of entire movement of EVMs, right from the warehouse to polling stations, is also done.

Meanwhile, Mr Ranjan urged the people of the state to get their vote prepared by April 12 and excise their franchise, to further strengthen the democratic system of the country. (UNI)