Another lynching in Haryana

Another lynching in Haryana


Mob vigilantism over cow protection has taken another life in Paliwal, Haryana. On August 2-3 night, an unidentified man was beaten to death by a vigilante mob in Bahraul village of Paliwal over suspicion of cattle theft when the crowd turned violent. Two men managed to run away and escaped the mob fury.

The exact reason is still unknown. Some villagers allege that three men tried to untie cattle. Some who saw this raised an alarm. While two immediately escaped the other could not move out. The young man around 25 years was surrounded by the crowd and was tortured and beaten to death.

Police have already arrested one person and the search for the other culprits has begun. Incidentally in the past few months on mere suspicion of cattle theft or child lifting, 30 people have been killed by the so called vigilante mob throughout India. One Rakbar Khan was beaten to death by a crowd in Alwar District of Rajasthan two weeks ago.

Though inaction by law enforcement agencies has attracted criticism throughout the country, crowd lynching is going on unabated on mere suspicion.