Selfies & self obsession boost beauty industry: Dr Darshan Talreja

Selfies & self obsession boost beauty industry: Dr Darshan Talreja

Agency News

Ahmedabad, Jan 19 : The rising trend of sharing selfies and pictures on social media platforms and self-obsession among people has given a big boost to the beauty and wellness service Industry in India and in just about 3 years it has seen an exponential increase of around 10 fold, well known cosmetologist and wellness expert Dr Darshan Talreja said on Sunday.

He also said that despite ongoing general economic slowdown this industry was growing at a great pace and in the next five years it was expected to see another 10 fold of growth. Talking to newsmen on the occasion of the inauguration of a first of its kind all-in-one premium category wellness center here, Dr Talreja said, "More and more people are now sharing selfies and pictures on various social media platforms. For that reason, everybody wants to look better.

Many of them have become self-obsessed and want to look and feel better than others. The huge proportion of the youth population of the country has added to this trend. Now, many people are preferring specialized haircuts and advanced laser-based hair removal techniques like Frost Cool Technology,'' he said. "Earlier, the youth preferred to remain clean-shaved but now bearded look has become such an obsession of sorts that many of the brands were working only around various styles and maintenance of beards.

Nail salons have also become very advanced. Slimming and weight gaining both are also being tried. Nobody wants to remain on the lower rung when it comes to looking good in the selfies and pictures on social media platforms," Dr Talreja said. He said that all this has resulted in a big boom in the wellness and beauty industry and in the last 3 years it has seen 10 times increase and its turnover across Gujarat alone has increased to over Rs 2500 crore from around 200 to 250 crore 3 years back.

In Ahmedabad city alone, it has now reached 300 crore mark. He added that definition of health and wellness has evolved. People were increasingly participating in fitness centers. It is also about feeling happy and sharing those experiences with friends on social media or otherwise.

Taking about the the Happy Living Imperia wellness center, of which he was also the founder and director, Dr Talreja said that highly advanced and all under one roof services including slimming services for the body like – weight loss, weight gain and body shaping, cosmetology services and skincare services such as anti-aging and anti-acne treatments, skin tightening and skin brightening services, customized hair treatment, beauty and nail salon and bridal studio, were available there. (UNI)